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Turnkey video project
In order to make a high-quality corporate video, we propose a global project including visibility, impact and notoriety objectives for the intended target audience. We will work to define the objectives of the video, your expectations, the main message as well as a brainstorm in order to identify your objectives and needs. The technical quote, the techniques used, the planned duration, the narration, the tone of the video, the resources available, the financial means allocated, the time available. From ideation to delivery of the video in the defined format, PRODUCTIONS GRAND BLANC are there to meet your video needs.
Employee training video
We offer video production for employees, either for reception, training, equipment demonstration, health and safety standards, etc., different video clips can be created to help employee integration and training.
Drone video capture
We offer aerial drone photography inside and outside the company by a Transport Canada advanced operations certified pilot.
Executive Interviews and Special Events
We offer to produce videos for interviews with company executives, or the recording of special events with multiple shots.

About us

PRODUCTIONS GRAND BLANC was born from the desire to offer television solutions to industrial companies in order to help them promote their visibility and added value.

A seasoned team of experts is available at each stage of production to bring your project to fruition, regardless of the size of your ideas.

A passionate photographer and videographer, the director was trained at the Grasset Institute by specialists in the film industry.

The producer has extensive and varied experience in managing complex and varied projects, allowing us to carry out the instructions requested by our clients.

of our studio


To be recognized in the industrial world as a high-quality film production studio, capable of demonstrating the expertise and know-how of the industries.
Highlighting expertise


Lead industries to demonstrate their know-how, their expertise and the skills of their employees through cutting-edge cinematographic means of image and sound, in order to help them position themselves among the greatest leaders in their field.
At the cutting edge


The PRODUCTIONS GRAND BLANC studio uses the most recent image and sound technologies to illustrate the beauty and efficiency of industries. Whether through aerial images by drone inside and outside, photography and video, sound recording up to the choice of music, the technology used makes it possible to demonstrate the modernism and quality of the industry.
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